2020 Seasonal Eating Guide Calendar

2020 Seasonal Eating Guide Calendar


A hand-illustrated seasonal eating guide for the Temperate region of Australia.

The seasonal eating guide came about from the planting guide. Designed to be a guide for seasonal produce for the temperate region in an easy to understand and clear format.

My goal was to start focusing more on eating seasonally, only fruit and vegetables that are grown locally and in season. I thought it would also be beneficial to turn my research into something that other people could also use and benefit from.

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Wall Calendar Size: 300 x 210 mm

Printed on recycled paper.

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TEMPERATE: Tasmania, Melbourne, Canberra, Dubbo, Adelaide, Port Lincoln, Esperance, Albany

2020 Planting Guide Calendar.

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This calendar seasonal eating guide helps you pick seasonal fruit and vegetables. Eating seasonally has a lot of benefits, it means you’re getting local, fresh and delicious fruit and vegetables. It reduces the distance your food has to travel. Reducing the distance your food travels to your plate increases its sustainability. When purchasing fruit and vegetables, a lot of the time we don’t consider just how far they have travelled, and the wastage associated with that; fuel, storage costs and packaging.

Buying seasonal produce from local suppliers means more often than not you can purchase organic and chemical-free produce, as it does not need to be stored for a long period of time or travel a long way. This reduces the number of pesticides and chemicals that you’re ingesting into your body. Another way to reduce waste is to go to farmers markets, shop at local grocers and choose only fruit and vegetables that are loose and not packed in packaging.

Knowing what is in season and when is a challenge. Australia has a diverse and varied climate, this means that depending on where you live it can dictate what to eat. We’re also experiencing changes in climate, a lot of fruit and vegetables that could once not be grown in temperate regions are now thriving. Commercially certain fruit and vegetables might not be grown in the temperate region but can thrive in gardens or small orchards.

I hope that this calendar provides a clear and helpful guide for monthly seasonal eating. It is designed to be a reference point for the sustainability-focused, as well as a beautiful addition to your home, office or any space.