Christina Graham | Original illustrations and artwork, prints and cards available for sale online and on Etsy. Passionate about natural occurrences Christina explores the space between people, nature and bodies of land in her illustration and art.  Based in Launceston, Tasmania, Christina has provided work for private commission, brand design, children's books, stationery and product copy.

Full portfolio of large painting an illustration works.

Watercolour, gouache and ink on watercolour painting.  Commissions available. 

Tasmanian Birds

Tasmanian Birds

from 40.00

A rainbow of birds.

Featuring 28 individually painted Tasmanian birds. Inspired by the small hidden beauties of Tasmanian fauna. Pictured are: Flame Robins, Pink Robins, Superb Fairy Wrens, Welcome Swallows, Golden Whistlers, European Goldfinches, Willie Wag Tales and Pardalotes.

The pattern came together in pieces and was transformed digitally into a repeat.  This enabled it to be printed onto fabric as well as a custom design.

Available here as a high quality Giclee print on archival quality paper. Tasmanian Birds was originally captured in Watercolour and Ink on watercolour paper.


Designed, painting and printed in Australia.

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